Personnel Elevators

In addition to providing superior custom fabrication, grain and pet food dyers, and facility dust control solutions, First Rate Industries provides construction of personnel elevators for grain processing and pet food manufacturing facilities. Our lifting solutions are installed to integrate with existing structures to best provide personnel with safe access throughout levels of the facility. We also provide state required inspections, as well as any servicing and maintenance you may need.

The personnel elevators we provide are designed to meet/exceed the ASME standard and are available in weight capacities ranging from 300 to 1,000 lbs. All cars operate with soft start and stop and can be installed with or without enclosure.

First Rate Industries is proud to offer personnel elevators in conjunction with supplier Sidney Manufacturing Co. of Sidney, Ohio.

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First Rate Industries provides sales and maintenance of grain facility personnel elevators as well as elevator installation and service for dry feed & pet food manufacturing facilities.

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